Heidi Beatty

Heidi Beatty
Chief Executive Officer
Crown Abbey, LLC
Heidi Beatty has a successful track record as an Innovator and project manager. Over her 20-year career, Heidi has launched products for some of the world’s leading brands as well as for some of the most entrepreneurial start-ups. As CEO of Crown Abbey, Heidi and her team helps a global client base across consumer, health care and nutritional categories to identify and commercialize new technologies. After gaining a bachelor’s degree in Chemistry from the University of York, UK, Heidi worked with Johnson & Johnson for over 10 years across Europe and the US. From there, she has worked at both mid-size companies as well as start-ups, before founding Crown Abbey, nearly 5 years ago. Heidi speaks & moderates at many conferences on a variety of topics, including women’s health products, innovation and project management tools.
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