Shemesh Automation

Shemesh Automation
Shemesh Automation Wet Wipes is dedicated to bringing to life the visions you thought 'impossible' in round wet wipes packaging. Shemesh Automation Wet Wipes, an arm of Shemesh Automation Ltd, offers premium turnkey round wipes lineup technology, producing high quality rolls of nonwoven wipes in a variety of packaging. It strives to exceed its customers’ expectations as the leading manufacturer for round wipes packaging equipment. Established in 1990, Shemesh Automation Wet Wipes is a family owned and operated business which has built a reputation for delivering innovative core fillers, cappers, sealers and labellers for major industry players over the last 30 years. Over the last 15 years the Company, a nonwovens powerhouse, has developed a new business stream primed to deliver unique round wipes solutions to some of the world’s top round wet wipes makers. Shemesh Automation Wet Wipes’ growing customer base has meant the company can offer unprecedented experience as a top one-stop-shop turnkey production lines vendor for the round wipes market.
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