Asahi Kasei Corporation

The World’s Only Cupro Continuous-Filament Nonwoven

Bemliese™ is regenerated cellulosic continuous-filament nonwoven fabric made from cotton linter. It features very low lint generation, superior liquid absorbency, thermal stability and high purity.

Environmentally Friendly Sustainable Material
Although cotton linter is not normally used as fiber, Asahi Kasei developed a proprietary process to scientifically regenerate it into super pure, high functioning cellulose fiber. Bemliese™ is made from naturally derived material and is 100% biodegradable.

Bemliese™ is manufactured in the scenic countryside of Nobeoka, Japan. We use power generated from Asahi Kasei’s own hydroelectric and biomass power plants to minimize environmental impact and reduce end-of-life footprint.

Limitless Potential for Various Applications
Bemliese™ has excellent functionality for skincare products, medical applications, sanitary products, teabags, and all other types of wet and dry wipes.

To learn more Bemliese’ s manufacturing process and features, please visit here, “Video library”

Asahi Kasei Corp. is a diversified Japanese company centered on chemistry.


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