Berk International, LLC (Finalist)

Leading Manufacturer and Marketer of Towel, Tissue and Non-Woven Disposable Wiping Cloths

With deep entrepreneurial roots and a strong emphasis on innovation, Berk International is a leading manufacturer and marketer of towel, tissue and non-woven disposable wiping cloths. The privately-held company, based in Boyertown, PA, offers a full range of standard, custom and specialty wipes for use in the jan/san, industrial, healthcare, food service, automotive, electronics and aerospace markets.

High-Quality Standards and Fully Customizable Production Capabilities

Since 2000, Berk has prided itself on its broad product line, high-quality standards and fully customizable production capabilities. During this time, Berk has completed several initiatives to increase its inventory and production capacity. Recently, the company has greatly expanded its operations to a 275,000 square-foot building with 17 production lines and state-of-the-art equipment that operates 24 hours a day, 7 days per week.

Customer Service is Key

Berk’s executive team wants its customers to understand that the most important mission of their day-to-day operations is customer service, a key benchmark by which Berk measures its success. Berk delivers on that promise by consistently meeting its goals of providing orders accurately and on time, while also setting realistic expectations for its customers. The end result is a seamless experience, from receipt of initial orders to product manufacturing and inventory selection to shipping.

Merging Quality with Quantity

With this level of customer focus and vision for its future, Berk is able to merge quality with quantity, showcasing more than 700 SKUs packaged in a variety of wiping solutions. In fact, Berk’s customers get to choose from one of the most diverse product lines in an industry where there is growing product demand across various market segments. Berk has responded to these demands, increasing capacity by moving to three larger locations over the past fifteen years.

Intelligent Wiping Solutions

What sets Berk apart from its competitors is a unique advantage in the industry: intelligent wiping solutions. This is where Berk marries its depth of industry knowledge and innovative technology to create a superior experience for customers. Through this, Berk has built its reputation as an educator by offering a consultative approach for its customers, demonstrating which products will serve a customer’s requirements best. Berk’s team of experts employs smart solutions and products designed specifically for customers’ unique needs.


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