Cotton Incorporated

Cotton Incorporated is a not-for-profit company providing the research and marketing resources needed to help companies develop and market superior, innovative, and profitable cotton products. The company’s efforts are focused across the cotton supply chain and around the world from fiber through finished product.

Visit CottonWorks™ to learn more about the ways cotton enhances nonwovens.


The Seal of Cotton is a powerful consumer influencer and highly effective sales builder. It makes shopping easier by helping consumers identify products containing cotton. Our Trademark Licensing Program allows you to incorporate the Seal into your packaging design and promotion materials. There are no fees or royalties involved. We only require the use of cotton!

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Everyone wants their clothes and personal care products to be comfortable and safe against their skin. For the millions of people with sensitive skin, choosing non-irritating fibers is even more critical. That’s why Cotton Incorporated set out to clinically evaluate and determine if cotton—either natural or purified—causes a reaction on any type of skin.

Learn more about the clinical trials.


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