Elsner Engineering Works, Inc.

ELSNER Automated Converting Solutions for rolled wipes helps you keep up with demand.

ELSNER’s fully-automatic solutions for high-speed converting of rolled wipes are helping our customers keep up with increased demand for wipes.  Our converting machinery provides faster speed, higher finished roll capacity, better efficiencies and ease of use.  Quite simply, ELSNER machines boost productivity which is imperative in the highly competitive rolled wipes market.  

With over 3000 machines in over 60 countries, ELSNER’s automated converting machines are manufactured in the US and serviced all over the world.  

Learn more about our full production lines.  

ELSNER does more than manufacture world-class converting machinery.  We’ve launched our ELSNER Tech Center to provide product R&D, substrate testing and technical training as well as fill manufacturing gaps for both established AND new-to-the-market or outside of the US converters with overflow or new/pilot products converting needs.  Learn more how our tech center can help you.  

The ELSNER Certified Program can help substrate manufacturers remove upfront testing costs making it easier for converters to use new substrates and materials.  Find out how ELSNER Certified helps our customers.

Learn why ELSNER believes automated solutions will be more in demand than ever as a result of COVID-19.

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