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Fibroline is an engineering company founded in 2003 specialized in the development and the commercialization of dry powder impregnation and coating processes. Fibroline’s technologies enable to impregnate or coat very homogenously porous structures (textiles, nonwovens, papers, foams...) with powders thanks to high voltage alternating electric fields. Fibroline’s processes find applications in a wide range of fields, like e.g. automotive, filtration, building, wipes, medical or hygiene. The technologies are environmentally friendly, as no solvent or water is needed. This leads to a high reduction of energy conception (no drying) and VOCs (no solvent). 

The research department and the laboratory/testing facilities

In its R&D center in Limonest (near Lyon), Fibroline develops products for different application fields with its customers or in the frame of collaborative projects. The main objective is to transfer the solutions developed to an industrial scale thanks to the installation of dry powder impregnation & coating lines. Fibroline owns a laboratory and pilot lines for all its technologies. This guarantees a multi scale approach during the development. At lab scale it is possible to work with small size samples (A3/A4) and low powder quantities, which offers a high flexibility in terms of variation of parameters (process and raw materials). At the pilot scale, all lines are modular. The configurations can be adapted easily to the different requirements. In addition, Fibroline has the possibility to evaluate the physico-chemical properties of materials by the mean of available characterization facilities in its R&D center and also in the frame of close collaborations with technical centers and universities. 

The technologies

D-Preg: The D-Preg process of Fibroline is an industrial, in-line process that has been proven to be reproducible, controllable and homogenous. Key advantages of the Fibroline D-Preg technology reside in its flexibility and adaptability to most of the porous structures, as well as its ability to precisely control impregnation depth. Click here to watch the video.

T-Preg: Fibroline developed a specific version of the D-Preg process dedicated to high speeds: T-Preg. The T-Preg technology leads to shorter machines and is perfectly adapted to running speeds from 50 to 500m/min (technology suitable in particular for hygiene applications). Click here to watch the video.

S-Preg: Fibroline also extended its range of innovative solutions to applications requiring low powder content and extremely accurate powder distribution (S-Preg). This configuration is used in particular for Medical or Biomedical sectors, and can be implemented in clean rooms. Click here to watch the video. 

Y-Preg: Fibroline developed a specific electrode construction for Yarns & UD-tapes. Main applications are composite tapes or technical yarns. Several bobbins can be processed in parallel. Click here to watch the video.


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