Hydrite Chemical Co.

Hydrite Chemical Co., a family-owned company established in 1929, is one of the largest independent providers of chemicals and related services in the United States.  Headquartered in Brookfield, Wisconsin, Hydrite has a network of manufacturing facilities, warehouses, and laboratories located in Illinois, Wisconsin, Iowa, Indiana, California, and Texas with nearly 1,000 employees in 25 states.  Hydrite owns and operates a private fleet of over 255 units including tractors, van trailers, tankers, and railcars.

With over 5,000 items in its product portfolio, Hydrite’s dedicated chemists, engineers, and technical service staff have extensive knowledge and experience to assist with formulation needs.  Hydrite has a strong commitment to quality and customer responsiveness, and offers superior products and innovative solutions.

About Hydrite

For over 90 years, Hydrite has continued to provide creative solutions to our customers.  Hydrite offers expertise in chemical manufacturing with state-of-the-art toll and blending capabilities.  Due to the many years of experience in manufacturing sensitive formulations, Hydrite understands that not every chemical equivalent is a drop-in replacement and assists in finding products to fit formulation needs.  

Our Capabilities

Hydrite is FDA approved, EPA registered, and our manufacturing follows cGMP practices. Hydrite also offers custom blending and API manufacturing, foam control and wastewater treatment solutions, and capabilities that include 80 production vessels.

Our Manufacturing and Distribution

As one of the largest independent providers of chemicals in the US, we offer a variety of ingredients for the wipes industry.  Hydrite offers expertise in chemical manufacturing with state-of-the-art toll and blending capabilities. With a USP Water System and USP flammable blending capabilities, and FDA and EPA Registered tolling facilities, we are equipped to serve your needs. 

Technical Expertise

Our chemists are experienced formulation experts and are here to help customers with product development and industrial support. With lab and formulation services, 11 bench chemists and scale-up capabilities, our lab capabilities and technical expertise can assist you with your existing formulas or develop new formulations.


At Hydrite, we offer a full range of products for cleaning, sanitization, and disinfection applications used in a variety of industries. See our list of products including many that are on the EPA’s Registered Antimicrobial Products for Use Against Novel Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 for use in your facility.  We also provide other disinfectants that have shown effectiveness against viruses similar to the SARS-CoV-2 that is causing COVID-19.  We have a team of experts dedicated to helping our customers select the right products and services, and offer guidance and training on proper cleaning procedures. Contact us for product and application guidance and assistance.

Nick Ripp
Director of Buisness Development - Industrial
[email protected]

Scott Ripp
Executive Director - Industrial Sales
[email protected]


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