ITW Pro Brands (Finalist)

ITW Pro Brands manufactures lubricants, cleaning chemicals, and corrosion preventatives formulated to maximize equipment productivity and product quality for our customers. Our brands are recognizable and have an established reputation for performance and quality.

Our Brands Include:

Wipers for the Foodservice Industry

As a leading developer of disposable wiping products, Atlantic Mills has become the trusted partner in sanitation for food service and other applications. Our conveniently packaged, nonwoven wipers are highly absorbent, reusable and exceptionally durable — making them easy to use and cost-effective for both front and back of house.

Be Sure You’re Sanitizing

Be sure you're sanitizing with Sertun™ Rechargeable Sanitizer Indicator Towels. Your restaurant’s reputation depends on serving safe food products to your patrons. Cross-contamination is a real threat from cloth towels. Sanitizer solutions are effective for only a prescribed period of time. And your employees aren’t sanitation experts. Sertun™ Towels take the guesswork out of sanitizing. You – and your staff – can be sure you’re effectively sanitizing any surface with revolutionary Color Check Technology™ built into every Sertun™ Towel.

Professional Pre-moistened Wipes

Led by SCRUBS in-a-Bucket Hand Cleaner Towels, the SCRUBS product line of premoistened wipes includes industrial-strength formulations for specific applications. Whether you need a wipe to clean stainless steel, remove graffiti, or sanitize your hands, SCRUBS has the right wipe to do the job.

World-Class MRO Solutions

As a leader in the MRO industry, the LPS brand provides high-performance maintenance chemicals to industrial, aerospace, military, contractor and energy development facilities worldwide. Our complete line of products eliminates redundant inventory and minimizes costs while maximizing equipment efficiency and productivity.

Industrial Marking Products

Whether your customer needs to permanently mark metal, wood, glass, rubber, cardboard, or ceramics, DYKEM Brand marking products and layout fluids are proven performers. Carefully formulated and manufactured to deliver vivid color and durable identification marks and color-coding, the DYKEM family of products is an ideal companion for professionals who need quick and effective detection and protection against tampering and changes in settings or controls.


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