SynTouch, Inc.

Objectively finding your wipe’s ideal feel 

The wipes industry wishes for a quick and easy way to determine the best product feel. This, however, is exceedingly difficult because feel is a complex human perception affected by many factors, including over a dozen of the material’s tactile properties (‘haptics’).

SynTouch, the company that brings scientific certainty to decisions about product feel, provides a practical framework across the supply chain – from design and formulation to QA and consumer acceptance – for determining objectively the tactile perception that consumers prefer while maintaining the wipe’s performance, cost and sustainability.

The SynTouch framework starts with the Toccare® Haptics Measurement System, a game-changing instrument that replicates and quantifies human touch so you can make tactile-perception decisions based on objective data rather than subjective opinion alone. Everything the human finger can feel, the Toccare system can precisely and repeatedly quantify in a biomimetic way.

Dozens of leading global nonwovens brands rely every day on the SynTouch method and the Toccare system.


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