Trützschler Nonwovens GmbH

Machinery and processes for all kinds of wipe materials

We provide everything for a superior nonwovens production line: the best possible layouts, top-class, proven machinery including high-capacity cards and the AquaJet hydroentangling system and the know-how to make the best of your fibers.

Meet Oliver or Lothar during the conference at our virtual table top. Zoom meetings can be scheduled at any time. Discuss late-breaking solutions for making 

  • cost effective disinfection wipes, 
  • soft baby wipes from 100% cotton,
  • fully biodegradable wet-laid/spunlaced wipes from pulp and lyocell, 
  • oliophilic industrial wipes from various natural fibers or
  •  innovative carded/pulp wipes with cellulosic fibers.

Our ZOOM meeting room will be open during August 25th to 27th

Join us for a short keynote speech and then let‘s discuss nonwovens production for wipes:

25. 8. 11:00 - 12:00 am

26 .8.   4:00 -   5:00 pm

Find out more about our conference topics.


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